Heat Treatment and Moving

We are proud to introduce our pay per use moving and heat treatment services. We currently offer 4 levels of service ranging from customer pick up and drop offs to basic moving services with or with out heat treatment for bed bugs.

Choosing our heat treatment and/or moving services helps the local community by supporting our not for profit furniture bank. Oyate Tipi helps hundreds of disadvantaged families turn empty walls into loving homes. Some of our community members include women and children leaving shelters, people transitioning from homelessness, youth aging out of care, newcomers, and refugees.

Pick Your Service

Moving service with heat treatment

Looking for someone to help with your upcoming move? Don’t risk taking nasty bed bugs to your next home! Just call us! We not only provide moving services, we will also heat treat your precious belongings at the same time.

Prices for moving services with heat treatment are done by estimate with prices starting at $595. This would be the average cost of moving contents of a typical studio or bachelor apartment. Prices are based on pick up of your belongings, transfer to our location for heat treatment, and delivery to your new location.

Moving service without heat treatment

We can help with your upcoming move! We offer basic moving services within the City of Winnipeg for those on a budget! Our experienced movers will do the heavy lifting for you so you can focus on getting settled into your new space.

Prices for moving services are done by estimate with prices starting at $449. This would be the average cost of moving contents of a typical studio or bachelor apartment. Prices are based on pick up of your belongings and delivery to your new location. We do not offer packing services at this time.

Treatment & delivery for individual items

With so many great deals for furniture on sites such as Kijiji and Facebook Marketplace it’s hard to resist using these platforms to furnish your home. The two issues are getting your purchase home and making sure its free of bed bugs. Just call us! We’ll pickup your purchase, heat treat it for bed bugs and deliver to your home!

Pick up treatment and delivery services for up to 3 pieces is $69 plus the individual cost to treat each item. The pick up and delivery charge is based on locations being within Winnipeg city limits. (Example: Queen size mattress set. Pick up and delivery $69 plus treatment $69 = $138)

Customer drop off and pick up service

If you think you have items that are infested with bedbugs, don’t throw them out! It’s one of the most common ways to spread them from home to home. Don’t waste your money on replacing your items when you can save the hassle by using our drop off and pick up service.

Most pest control companies are either costly or require a minimum order. We make it affordable with bedroom furniture starting at $49 and livingroom furniture starting at $39. Just call us and let us know what you have and we will give a price!

Just drop your items off and we will treat them. They will be ready for pick up in a day or two.

Bedbug Prevention Program

We heat treat all our donated items to prevent the spread of bedbugs in Winnipeg. We accomplish this with our two bedbug eradication chambers which heat up to 150 degrees. This provides a chemical free method of ensuring bedbugs are stopped “dead” in their tracks!

Our bed bug treatment program

Heat treatment, officially known as Thermal Remediation, is one of the most effective solutions to treating bed bugs, as it does not require the application of pesticides. Through the use of specialized machines, we raise the internal temperature of our eradication chambers to 60-65 degrees Celsius and maintain it for 4-5 hours. This creates an extreme environment which will kill bedbugs in minutes.

Bed bugs and bed bug eggs are killed once air temperatures reach the “kill zone” of 125°F (52°C). Our generators produce temperatures of 145°F (62.7°C)  or higher using forced convection technology.

Our 20 foot insulated trailers are specially outfitted to be insect eradication chambers. They connect to our heat generators and will treat the contents of an average apartment in about four hours.

Hire us to remove your furniture​

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