Your Furniture Could Change a Life.

Canada’s most responsible furniture removal service. Funds collected from the furniture removal service go back to the organization to support our mission of ending furniture poverty.

Have extra furniture?

Extra furniture takes up valuable space. Selling it is a pain and you could call a junk removal service, but then it will just go into a landfill, which is bad for the environment and a shame because someone who is living in furniture poverty could use it!

Experience a better way!

Furniture Bank provides a socially responsible furniture removal solution for the same price as the junkers but we use the money from your pickup to deliver furniture to families who need it. Free up your space. Help a family. Save the environment. Pay no tax AND get a tax receipt! It’s a win, win, win, win!

If you decide to drop off your items you can bring them to 429 Dufferin Ave Mon-Fri 9am to 4pm


Request your pick-up and make payment over the phone

Get an estimate once you fill out our booking form. To keep the process contact-free, we handle payment upfront. 100% of the funds go directly to our charity operations and you will receive a tax receipt for the value of your furniture items.


We pick up your furniture

We provide email and text notices of our arrival times and you provide access to our team if needed. Our team is trained to follow proper distancing and safety protocols and will notify you when we’re done and departing.


Your furniture goes to a family in need

You make a huge difference for people in need. Basic needs including furniture, housewares, and other necessities of life help families move past simply ‘sheltering’ and towards building a successful home.

Help us make an impact

Over half a million Canadians households are living in social or affordable housing with a waitlist of nearly 300,000 and 13%
of Canadians have unmet housing needs and chronic homelessness.  Here’s what we’ve done about it so far:


families helped in our community

Close to 6,000

items delivered to those in need.


tonnes of furniture diverted from landfills.

Are you looking for furniture?

New clients (those looking to access furniture) must be referred to us through a community partner. Our partner agencies play a critical role by helping to screen potential furniture recipients.

Make a financial donation today and give the dignity of a furnished home to someone in your community.

Your gifts fund our essential service work for the community during these turbulent times.


Have questions before donating furniture? We have answers.

Many people have come to understand the value and importance of food banks across Canada and North America.  A Furniture Bank operates on a similar premise. Generous donors “deposit” gentled use furniture and household items, and people in need “withdraw” what they need to furnish their homes.

Reuse organizations like Furniture Banks can create significant social opportunities including employment and volunteerism, skills training, and a supportive employment. Staff and volunteers, many who have been previous clients, gain work related skills while giving back to their communities.

Women and children leaving shelters, people transitioning from homelessness, youth aging out of Care, newcomers and refugees.  Many of the people we serve come from housing situations which are at best temporary.  Many do not have access to funds to support furnishing an apartment and Social Assistance often barely covers first and last months rent.  Furniture Banks are an ethical and fair method to turn four walls into a home.

5 star reviews from the web

Oyate Tipi helped me when I was first setting up house after my separation. They were so gracious and kind. Now they help when I have decent unneeded furniture to donate, even picking it up. Thank you so much

Signe Knutson

We have donated furniture several times. The communication and process is easy and seamless. The movers of furniture are super professional and take great care in moving furniture etc. Much appreciated.


I wanted to find a charity that isn’t taking most donations for profit. They helped us unload and the two men were very nice. I love the fact that they help kids transitioning out of care, newcomers and families leaving domestic situations. They are top on my list now to donate to.

Heather Scott

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