Statement of Vision

Guiding Principles and Code of Honour

In 2003, tobacco was offered and accepted by Elder Linda McEvoy, and the name brought to the organization was Oyate Tipi Cumini Yape. The offering of the tobacco and the giving of the name requires that the intentions of the name must be honoured, and its values must be held.

Oyate Tipi Cumini Yape

translated means

Oyate Tipi is where our Nation(s) live,
responsible for collective saving and “recycling” of our resources and
speaking out about our values.

With this name, we are obligated to continually speak out about our responsibilities to each other, and to Mother Earth. As a group, we must continually strive to take a leadership role in this regard, and to hold and promote such values.

Mission Statement

Oyate Tipi is a value based organization that prides itself on its commitment to serve. Our mission statement was developed in 2003 to reflect the primary actions that were seen as essential to our services and supports. The statement of mission reflects the duality of our primary physical actions:

To support refferred clients from partner agencies to make a new start by providing them with no cost furniture and essential household goods.
To facilitate the generosity of Winnipeg residents and organizations by providing pick up services and a central facility for household donations. Over the past thirteen years, Oyate Tipi has become more than simply a warehouse and has extended its efforts in relation to the vision and values that direct this mission.

The Vision we Hold to be True

We seek to be seen as a support for refferred clients and/or their families to rebuild their homes as well as the opportunity to build community capacity within the context of volunteer, employment and skill development options. It is our vision that Oyate Tipi will be viewed in many ways, each extending across the different elements of the population of Winnipeg, creating understandings, relationships and value in different ways.

Through the vision that we hold to be true, we seek to show, by our actions and our attitude that there is a different way of “doing business” with each other: Respecting each other; caring for each other; building strong relationships that enable this spirit to reach out to and touch others.

Guiding Principles

The Vision that we hold and the mission that we undertake are both guided by principles. These originate from our commitment and from our name and values that are contained within our name. Our name obligates everyone connected to Oyate Tipi to spread the word:
The spirit of giving is strong within Oyate Tipi. We are not a charity, but a place to restart a home. Women and families of Oyate are not given hand outs, but rather a means to restore their identity and to save their dignity.

At Oyate Tipi Cumini Yape, the environment –Mother Earth– is equally important:

Code of Honour

Within Oyate Tipi, our values and principles direct the way that we treat each other, and the way that we treat those that we serve. We will treat individuals that come in contact with Oyate Tipi in ways that we would expect to be treated.

Oyate Tipi serves and honours both those that give and those that receive

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