Oyate Tipi offers 3 types of programs. These programs are as follows:

Furniture Delivery Service Program:

All of Oyate Tipi clients must be referred from one of nineteen (19) community-based partner agencies including Women's Abuse Shelters, Women's Transition Homes and Housing First Organizations.

Volunteer Program

Oyate Tipi offers past clients, students and community members the opportunity to join the volunteer program "to help others for the help they received" or enhance existing skills or develop new skills to help them move forward in their future.

Bed Bug Heat Treatment:

The agency performs Heat Treatment of all donated furniture and household items. The furniture and household items are loaded into the trailer. The generator is connected to the trailer. The heat treatment starts once the temperature is raised to 150 degrees Celsius for 3 hours. The heat treatment is completed before any of he furniture/household items are moved into the warehouse. There are no chemicals used during the heat treatment - all done by heat which is harmless for clients. The Heat treatment equipment is also used to heat treat housing units.

Last Updated 09 JUN 2016

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