Our Supporters

United Way of Winnipeg

Through United Way, Winnipeggers have come together to identify and realize a vision for our community, better lives, improved conditions and a stronger community for everyone who lives here.

Homelessness Partnering Strategy

A partnership between the Governments of Canada, Manitoba and the City of Winnipeg, HPS has assisted in revitalizing our inner-city neighbourhoods. They provide affordable housing for low to moderate-income citizens and helping those at imminent risk of becoming homeless.

End Homelessness Winnipeg

End Homelessness Winnipeg's goal is to create lasting solutions within our community that prevent and end homelessness.

Winnipeg Community Incentive Grant

The Community Incentive Grant Program of the City of Winnipeg is designed to encourage non-profit community organizations to undertake improvements or purchase capital assets that are available for public use or will enhance public use of a space or facility.

Manitoba Indigenous & Northern Relations

Manitoba Indigenous and Northern Relations is focused on supporting healthy, safe and sustainable Indigenous communities.

Private and Anonymous Donors

Oyate tipi is the recipient of private and anonymous donors who support its programs and services.

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Last Updated 28 AUG 2019

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