Our Supporters

United Way of Winnipeg

Through United Way, Winnipeggers have come together to identify and realize a vision for our community, better lives, improved conditions and a stronger community for everyone who lives here.

Homelessness Partnering Strategy

A partnership between the Governments of Canada, Manitoba and the City of Winnipeg, HPS has assisted in revitalizing our inner-city neighbourhoods. They are providing affordable housing for low to moderate-income citizens and helping whose at imminent sink of becoming homeless .

Manitoba Community Services Council

MCSC has been supporting non-profit community service organizations in Manitoba with funding from the Province of Manitoba.

Sleep Country

Through Sleep Country's Donate A Bed program, they are able to provide mattresses to many needy families in Winnipeg, Manitoba.

King's Transfer

The Winnipeg Branch of King's Transfer has supported Oyate Tipi's fundraising drives and is now providing on-going support to Oyate Tipi as needed.

Ocean Trailer

With the support of Ocean Trailer of Winnipeg, Oyate Tipi has been able to meet it's fundraising objectives.

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Last Updated 09 JUN 2016

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