The Oyate Tipi Logo

The original painting is by Garry Young.

Story about the logo

The idea for the logo came from the name Oyate Tipi Cumini Yape. This translates from Dakota to English to mean "Where the community lives, sharing and recycling". The first half of the logo shows how the community used to live and help each other. Everyone had a role to play in their survival. Every child was the responsibility of everyone.

The movement to the second half of the logo shows a grandmother spirit looking over the city of Winnipeg. This is to represent how the ideals of looking out for each other is still important in today's society.

Biography of Garry Young

Garry Young is from the Chemawawin Cree Nation. He currently resides in Winnipeg with his family. He is a father and a grandfather. He began his interest in art as a young child, enhancing his style and has used it to support himself since the age of sixteen.

His career as an artist has grown into a love of teaching art. He holds the belief that art can be used as a tool to keep the culture alive. He has traveled to a number of First Nation Communities in Manitoba to teach children as young as 10 and adults as old as 55.

Garry enjoys a variety of art mediums including sketching, painting, and charcoal. He is also available to do custom orders.

Contact Information:
Garry Young

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