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Sunday, 29 April 2007

Oyate Tipi is a non-profit organization located in Winnipeg which accepts donations of gently used household goods and furniture. All items are then distributed to women and children who are trying to better themselves by escaping poverty and/or abusive situations.

Why is Oyate Tipi Needed?

Unfortunately, in our society family violence exists, and hurts all of those involved including the women and children who are least able to defend themselves and have few places to go, with little or no resources to get them there. For many women the prospect of moving to a better life for them and their children and escaping the violence is fraught with barriers.

At the same time, Winnipeg is fortunate to have a number of agencies that actively work to support women and children who suffer the effects of family violence, and who are in transition to new lives. These groups, each in their own way, work to support, nurture and enable women to move towards a better place in their lives. The approach that is taken, is one of empathy and understanding; listening and caring in a non-judgemental manner. There is a meaningful emphasis on helping individuals to find solutions, rather than doing 'for' someone. The intent is to enable, support and facilitate women to move themselves and their children from intolerable situations to ones of self-sufficiency and self-care.

These organizations continually strive to develop and implement supports that will extend the range of services available for women and their children, and to remove barriers by generating new initiatives that will reduce the obstacles faced by these women and children, enabling them the opportunity to regain their lives.

It is within this context that Oyate Tipi Cumini Yape (Oyate Tipi) was born.

Oyate Tipi is the result of concerted effort by ten (10) local service agencies to address issues of affordability of household goods, when moving from supported or emergency housing to independent living.

This furniture warehouse entity is a partnership initiative of: Alpha House, Elizabeth Fry Society, Ikwe-Widjiitiwin, L'Entre-Temps des Franco-Manitobaines, Ma Mawi Wi Chi Itata Centre, Native Women's Transition Centre, North End Women's Centre, Osborne House, W.I.S.H. (Women in Second Stage Housing), and Wahbung Abinoonjiiag.

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Last Updated 01 Jun 2010

Oyate Tipi Cumini Yape • 606 Selkirk Ave • Winnipeg, Manitoba • R2W 2N1